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When Master Designer Adam D. Tihany was tasked by Seabourn to bring Seabourn Ovation to life, he sought to create a ship “imbued with a sense of spontaneity and exhilaration, to elicit surprise and delight that will complement the rest of the guest’s travel experiences." And he succeeded. Now, come explore what makes Seabourn Ovation the crown jewel in what is already the finest fleet of luxury vessels to sail the world.

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Luxury In Every Detail

Envisioned by world renowned designer Adam Tihany, Seabourn Ovation and Encore exude ultra-luxury through design elements inspired by private yachts.

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The curving lines, intricate connections and yacht-inspired details are very much a part of the ship’s identity. Around every corner, the design creates opportunity for guests to discover and connect with their environment.”

- Adam D. Tihany

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Newest and Best

The arrival of Seabourn Ovation as well as its sister ship, Seabourn Encore, positions Seabourn as the leader in a new era of modern ultra-luxury cruising – while still holding steadfastly to the gracious hospitality and innovative itineraries that make Seabourn so special.


Simply... Wow.

Both ships will deliver a wealth of new concepts, a fresh vision and a host of illuminating ideas to delight even the world's most discerning travelers.

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